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"Making A Difference"


At American Public Defense, or APD, we truly care about your family, property and assets. Our CCOs are all caring yet disciplined individuals who live to better serve you and your household. Not only will you like our CCOs, but your children will as well. To follow is the recorded interviews of each Child Care Officer. Click on the button below the videos to request the specific Child Care Officer you like. 

Why choosae us

for childcare?

Think about the last nanny you had. Were they insured? Did you conduct a background check on them? At any point in time, could you go back and look at their initial interview to see what they said when they were hired? Did they already possess the apropriate certifications such as CPR and first aid? Did they have a uniform so that you can easily identify them?

If any (or all) of the answers to the above questions were no, we are a yes to every single question. No more worrying if the nanny you have needs training or is the right fit for your family. We guarantee that all of our Child Care Officers are more than qualified, insured and trained to care for your family, and secure your home at the same time. Can you say the same for your prior (or current) nanny?