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"Making A Difference"


The mission of American Public Defense (APD) is strictly to defend the public, while ensuring the safety and protection for those who utilize our services. APD is licensed, bonded and Insured and assures current and prospective clients that our services provided will be an investment, not a burden. APD also assures that when contracted, we will provide a liability shield around your business. APD keeps you and all that you value secure. APD isn't an agency that's filled with "reactive" officers. Instead, our officers are "proactive", and the officers are constantly watching for trouble in order to deter it. Officers also keep a consistent lookout for terrorist-like activities and criminal activities both foreign and domestic. APD is compromised of 20 years of military and law-enforcement experience in it's management. American Public Defense stands as defenders of the public in the entire state of Illinois, Northwest Indiana and Southeast Wisconsin. Allow us to make a true difference for your business.

Why choose the APD?

American Public Defense consists of well trained and well disciplined officers, not guards. Anyone can guard a store, or guard a house, or guard a bar. However, not everyone can be an officer. APD offers multiple services to a wide variety of clientele. With services like security guard services, bodyguard services, event and patrol services, and even private investigation services, APD assures that you are very well protected. These experienced and well trained officers have the same goal in mind - protecting the client's interests at all costs.

Being in business for the past 11 years, yet incorporating in 2013, American Public Defense, Inc. will do whatever it takes to make sure you, and all your assets and interests are secure. Your home, neighborhood, business, and property will always remain secure with us. APD isn't your average security agency looking to make a profit from you while we forget to do our job (like our competitors). We guarantee you the least expensive service for the best quality, and we will either meet or beat your current security provider's rate. This is because we are truly here to make a difference and we sincerely care for the protection and security of our clients. Call for a quote now to see if we are true to our word. We look forward to conducting business with you.